Dear customers, follow our little rules  :

1. Take care of the property entrusted to you in order to avoid loss of deposit.

2. Movement of the car is only permitted on the paved road.

3. To prevent damage automatics, do not sit on the roof and on the trunk of a car, when you are having fun or when you make your wonderful summer photos.

4. In the car smoking is prohibited.

5. Driving a car may only those who are inscribed in our contract.

6. Please respect the rules of the road!
In Montenegro, the fines for speeding  80 to 2,000 euros

Penalties for drunk driving  of up to 2000 euros, or arrest for up to 60 days!

Thanks you!

Basic rules of the road

Montenegro adopted the pan-European rules of the road. Therefore, for the Russian or EU driver signs and road markings to be well understood. It should not only pay attention to some important aspects:

  • It is forbidden to drive after drinking.
  • When traveling by car should always be switched on dipped headlights.
  • The driver and all passengers should always be wearing a seat belt.
  • At the roundabout, drivers have the advantage of already moving it in a circle.
  • Some lights have an additional section which allows a right turn at the burning mainly red signal.
  • Speed ​​limit: in 40-50 km / h, outside the city 50-80 0 km / h.

Major penalties for violation of traffic rules:

  • Driving while intoxicated: deprivation of rights with a fine up to 2,000 euros or arrest for up to 60 days!
  • The speed limit . In us. Paragraph 40 to 50 km / h, outside of the village 50 to 80 km / h. Fines from 80 to 2,000 euros depending on how and where speed is exceeded.
  • Driving without dipped beam: a fine of 30-80 euros.
  • The use of mobile phones while driving: a fine of 30 euros.
  • The movement of the driver and passengers not wearing seatbelts: a fine of 40-100 euros.
  • After overtaking prohibitory sign and the intersection of the solid line: a fine   of 150-300 euros.

A police officer in Montenegro when stopping the driver for violation of the right to withdraw his driving license  and registration certificate to the payment of the fine , in some cases, is removed and the offender’s passport. To return the documents will need to be on time to go to court to get a judge the exact amount of the fine and pay it together with legal costs through a bank, only then you will get back your documents

The order of bringing to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules
Fines in Montenegro must be paid at the bank or post office. Before the penalty payment from a foreigner take rights  registration certificate and passport. Returned to the place of bringing to administrative responsibility, if you should let the policeman in the same place, or at the police station. The court considered serious offenses in the field of traffic.

In Montenegro, there is an active fight against corruption, so remember that the bribe offer is not worth it.


How do I book a car? 
For registration of a car you must be 21 years or older, have a driver’s license and driving experience more than a year. Deposit required of 100 euros


Parking in Montenegro

As elsewhere, there are paid (with a barrier and paying parking tickets) and free. Free little. If the parking lot there is a barrier, then the payment is made at the exit of the parking lot. At the entrance you take the voucher with the arrival time at the check hand over the voucher and pay for parking time. The cost of a parking space in an average of 1 euro / hour.

You can also park your car on the specially marked areas of streets, but there will have to use the parking tickets (kartitsa for parking). These coupons can be purchased from vending machines and kiosks, they are worth about 0.7 euro / piece. On the coupon it should be noted the year, month, day, and parking time. Therefore, you should always have a pen. Under windshield machines need to put as much kartits-coupons, how many hours you plan to be absent. On Sunday and at night (from 23 to 7) Parking free (but better clarify this point, when you come to Montenegro, over time, the rules are subject to change). 5-10 minutes you can stay for free, for example, to run to the store for cigarettes.

Parking problem is particularly acute for densely populated cities, especially during the holiday season.

In coastal cities roads special moving platforms – “spiders” that hour is collected and taken improperly parked cars. Penalty for towing to a special parking area is 80-120 euros each day of storage – 5 euros. If the driver has time to clean the machine before loading it will pay only a fine for false export towing – 20 euros. The fine must be paid within 8 days, if the upset this time, the case will be submitted to the court and the amount will increase by 200 euros.

Under the sign of “No parking” it is better not to park, even if you see that there are other cars – the penalties are very decent, fine with evacuation can cost from 80 to 200 euros. The same goes for parking for the disabled.

If you do not want to spend money on parking, you can look for free parking in the courtyard at a short distance from the sights and take a walk.


Be careful!

Now there are more police officers, which run on a normal appearance, civil, do not mark the machine in places where you can be dispersed well. Their car is equipped with a device for measuring the speed. They specialize in those who are much greater than (30-50 km / h). The police go back, fix the violation and then overtake and stop.


The driver must keep a safe distance from the vehicle, the next in the same direction. The law determines that the recognized safe distance, which allows the driver at any time to stop the car and avoid an accident

At the crossroads:

The driver pulls up to the intersection, shall comply with such a speed that could stop before leaving him and give way to vehicles that he should miss. The settlement must not be driven at a speed exceeding 50 km / h or faster than indicated on the sign.


Emergency numbers in Montenegro

When making machine, immediately check kotaktnye phones that you could contact with rolling office in case of emergency.

  • Police – tel. 122
  • Firefighters – tel. 123
  • Ambulance – Tel. 124

Do not break, and good luck with your travels!