Types of insurance: 

1. Compulsory insurance of motor vehicles – ” CTP” with a refundable security deposit ( 100 or 200 €) 
Compulsory insurance of THIRD, Parties. If the culprit is not an accident of the car renter and a third person, all expenses covered by the insurance company vinovnika.Esli culprit left the scene of an accident (for example, after being scratched your car in the parking lot), then all the costs borne by the tenant’s vehicle . Insurance does not cover the windshield and damage vehicle tires. Necessarily the presence of police accident protocol
> Tenant shall promptly notify the landlord on the phone about the car received damage or of any damage during his absence and follow instruktsiyam.Nelzya to leave the scene of an accident to resolve the situation.Otherwise, if the tenant left the scene of an accident without informing the lessor of the incident, it is the basis for refusal to pay insurance even if the tenant is not guilty, which entails repairing the car at the expense of the tenant.
Additional car insurance – “CASCO” with mandatory or conditional franchise ( 300 €) At the request of the tenant is selected in addition to the mandatory insurance.
Insurance Company cover all costs for the restoration of the car in any road accident, exceeding the size of the franchise ( 300 €). For any accident and damaged the car in the first place expenses Deposit (possibly partial waste), exceeding the size of the franchise, takes on the insurance company except when the driver drove a vehicle in the alcoholic, narcotic intoxication or under the influence of drugs . Does not cover Insurance the damage of the windshield and a vehicle tire
not included in the insurance also damage or loss of ignition keys. Loss of keys offset by € 500
deposit for the car mozhet be taken as cash or by locking through a payment card of the tenant.If the tenant pays for a rental car in cash, cash collateral retained only if the card – any convenient method (cash or card). The deposit is returned in full when the car delivery. Only when the insured event to change the return amount.